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Hariamrit Khalsa Spotlight

January 08, 2020

By pawTree Home Office


Because of pawTree...

The pawTree vision includes making a difference in the lives of both pet’s AND their people. 

Here is one of many ways we are
making a difference in the lives of people! 

Hariamrit Khalsa
Hometown: Micanopy FL
Start Date: October 2018
Because of pawTree… I found pawTree at a time in my life at 72 years old, when I felt “is that all there is.” It gave me a new lease on life. I’ve made so many new wonderful friends and have helped so many pets. I look forward to educating people about our products.

Because of pawTree… I have met the most amazing people. I have expanded my friendships with my customers. We communicate often and they feel secure in the products I recommend because we have such a close relationship and pawTree products are so wonderful. My life has been enriched by the petPros I have met and treasure their friendships.
Because of pawTree... My pet family is healthier, living and loving longer. My earnings have allowed for more fun in my life and theirs.
Because of pawTree... When I first became a petPro I was worried about meeting new people that already were friends with each other. When I attended my first Legacy I was amazed at how quickly I felt at home and haven’t looked back since.

Because of pawTree...I earned the amazing cruise. All expenses paid. Just one of the awesome perks you receive as a petPro.

Because of pawTree...I have residual income in my breeding program now which means when I don’t have puppies I still have an income. A problem most breeders have. This is big.

Favorite product experience: 
My cat was going down hill quickly he was bloated and his hair was falling out in clumps. So I decided to try pawTree since I had nothing to loose. Well, I changed to pawTree food, salmon oil, Gastro pro plus, and PawPairings. After a month he lost all that bloating, his hair is shinny, and he can jump over puppy gates again. The best part is he’s back sleeping in my bed at night.
Favorite experience as a leader: 
Helping breeders change to a food and supplements that can really make a difference in their breeding dogs’ health. Better healthier puppies, Moms recover faster from whelping, no hair loss after whelping, they retain their weight and have even had a few gain weight.
Favorite word of advice: 
Try pawTree!