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Katie and Thomas Rimmer Spotlight

January 08, 2020

By pawTree Home Office


Because of pawTree...

The pawTree vision includes making a difference in the lives of both pet’s AND their people. 

Here is one of many ways we are
making a difference in the lives of people! 

Katie and Thomas Rimmer
Hometown: State College PA
Start Date: August 2018
Because of pawTree… We have learned to set personal goals and see them obtained.

Because of pawTree… My husband Tom and I have been able to enhance our relationship by sharing a common business goal.
Because of pawTree...We have developed very close friendships with our upline Cathy & Mike Lawdermilk & Tori Lynn that we respect greatly.
Because of pawTree... Our Cotons have never been healthier, our litters are bigger and our mothers bounce back to health very quickly.

Because of pawTree... I earned the trip to Legacy Leadership last year and also qualified for the PawTrip Bahamas cruise last year that was OUTSTANDING!

Because of pawTree... I have replaced two of my side jobs with my pawTree income!

Because of pawTree...I am retiring in three years and pawTree has allowed a substantial residual income that is exponentially growing with our customer and pet pro base.

Because of pawTree...We have peace of mind that our Young at Heart Coton Coton's have the very best nutritionals and our customers have the best dog food for their puppies future health.

Favorite quote: 
Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.
Favorite experience as a petPro:
Sharing pawTree with our customers knowing they will love the results of their puos health.

Favorite product experience: 
One of our Cotons had severe allergies with bright red paws and dry skin..the allergy support plus, skin support and Salmon oil cured him.
Favorite experience as a leader: 
Having my team follow me by example.
Favorite word of advice: 
Work hard, do 2 things daily minimum concerning pawTree. Treat it like a business not as a hobby. Believe in the products and the vision. Find your why!