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September 06, 2020

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My 7 year old Coton de tulear Cassidy had been displaying anxiety that came out of nowhere and for no reason! I had tried Chillax on her and though it worked for occasional anxiety like going to the groomer, the big anxiety still occurred!! I am a petPro parent and through their training I learned through our Product Development Director, Brooke Sloane how aging, cognitive changes , forgetfulness not only can cause anxiety but can isolate them! Cassidy would go outside and come in and do her business! Never did she do that and it would in turn upset her! Brain Drops changed all this in less than a week and so relieved she is back and anxiety is alleviated! She plays more, not as isolating and back to the dog she was! I am so proud to sell such a awesome line and to learn how a product now can transform a pet’s life like Cassidy’s!!
Donna - Cochran from Tucson