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Excited to Eat Again

January 14, 2021

By Other

I have a 17 month old Great Dane, named Marvel, and an 11 year old German Shepherd mix, named Dusk. Normally, I have to sit and watch Dusk eat her meals. She is very picky and if I don't watch her eat all of it, Marvel will happily eat it FOR her. When my Aunt gave me pawPairings to try out with my dogs, Marvel was as expected; he was very excited come meal times as usual (drool EVERYWHERE) and devoured the whole thing. What surprised me the most was that Dusk was excited and I didn't have to guard her while she ate. She ate her food JUST AS FAST as Marvel. WHAT?! She hasn't been that excited to eat since she was a puppy. When my Aunt informed me about all the benefits she was getting, on top of Dusk's new excitement and appetite, I was sold. Now THIS is a product I can stand behind.
Brittany- From American Fork