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Relief at last!

June 25, 2020

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Cassie has a great life with me now, but she had a very difficult start to life to say the least. Without going into too much detail, the amount of trauma that she experienced before coming home with me was so substantial that, as a result, she has a very low and sensitive anxiety threshold. The biggest trigger? Thunderstorms. At the first sign of rain, Cassie was looking for the safest, smallest place to hide - including the bathtub on multiple occasions. Her shaking was so uncontrollable that she would literally vibrate the entire floor. We tried everything, and nothing worked until Chillax! She still shows signs of anxiety when a storm rolls in - she'll pace occasionally, and pants most times. However, her days of shaking and hiding are behind her! My brave girl will flop on the floor in the middle of whatever room she's in, and she's even recently gotten the courage to bark at the storm as a challenge! Chillax has changed our lives.
Amber - Yajcaji from Williamstown