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Seasonal Allergies Aren't Just for People

July 17, 2019

By Brooke Sloate


Seasonal Allergies Aren’t Just for People

By Brooke Sloate


About 10 to 15 percent of all dogs and cats have ‘atopic dermatitis’, also referred to as ‘seasonal allergies’.  What this means is that your pet may simply have an allergy to something in their environment. 


This can be roughly comparable to hay fever in humans, except that instead of a runny nose and sneezing, your dog or cat will itch. 


As a general rule, if your pet is allergic to something inside your home they’ll tend to have year-round symptoms. If they’re reacting to something outdoors, it could very well be a seasonal problem.  


Pets may be exposed to these allergens through breathing them in or exposure through the skin. The most common sites that atopic pets focus on are:

·      their feet – licking or chewing

·      their face – which they will rub against carpet or furniture

·      their tummy, groin and “armpit” area


What are signs my pet has an allergy?

So what you would typically see is excessive itching or scratching, chewing their paws, biting their fur, or red spots known as ‘hot spots’ on their skin.  


A hot spot is a condition which involves an area of the skin which has become inflamed and infected – it’s a bacterial infection. The affected skin often appears as a moist, oozing, reddened area that’s painful and very itchy to the pet. Hair loss may also be seen. Continued licking and chewing at the area by the pet worsens the condition dramatically. Anything that causes itchiness of the skin can lead to the development of hot spots on dogs and cats if you can’t get the itching under control.9


How can I help my pet get some relief?

·      A natural supplement rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids can reduce the severity of chronic dermatitis. It’s best to use one with a 13:1 ratio (Omega-3’s to Omega-6’s). This is a very good choice to help your pet feel good from the inside out.

·      To soothe your dog’s skin at the surface, use a blend of Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile and Aloe Vera that work synergistically to treat and ease the discomfort of environmental allergies, scrapes and scratches and other skin issues in dogs. This will provide gentle, natural and immediate relief of itchy or irritated skin, to help stop the “itch/scratch cycle”. NOTE: Tea Tree Oil is not to be used on cats due to their grooming habits, as they should not ingest it.

·      Supplement with herbs known to support the body’s normal ability to combat skin-related issues associated with food and seasonal allergies including: Raw Rehmannia Root, Scuttellaria, Plantago  Seed, Alisma, Gardenia, Gentian, Licorice Root, Bupleurum, Jujube Seed, Angelica Root, Longan Fruit. This is an INCREDIBLE way to give them relief.

·      Use an ear cleaning system that both washes and dries your pet’s ears. It should contain a soothing mix of chamomile, yucca, clove oil and calendula which both controls odor and itching and soothes raw, red and greasy ears naturally.

·      Feed a good food, as a proper nutrition plan can be really effective in helping to fortify overall skin health.


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Brooke Sloate 

 About Brooke…


Brooke Sloate, Director of Product Development at pawTree LLC, is passionate about solving problems for pets and creating products that truly make a difference to pet parents. 


With over 20 years of experience in the pet industry working for a variety of pet companies prior to pawTree®, including Nature's Variety®, Hill’s®, Mars®, Petmate®, Applica® and Sergeant's®, Brooke has developed a wide range of innovative pet products including pet food, treats, and pet accessories.


Brooke enjoys the unconditional love of her family of Shih Tzus and responds by spoiling them every chance she gets!



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