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As seen in: St. Patrick’s Day is Coming — How To Keep Your Pets Calm

St. Patrick’s Day is Coming — How To Keep Your Pets Calm

March 16, 2021

By Brooke Sloate


With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, we remember how stressful some holidays can be for our pets. Depending on how we, and our neighbors, celebrate this date — music, having guests over, parades or even nearby fireworks — our pets can become anxious, fearful and simply want to hide.


Yes, anxiety is a very real thing for our beloved dogs and cats. In fact, 1 in every 3 pets suffers from feeling anxious during their lifetime, and we must pay close attention to what may be causing this feeling and how we can make it all better for them.


Watch out for the signs: a pet who is anxious will start pacing, panting, drooling, as well as perhaps shaking uncontrollably. They may try to “get away” by hiding themselves under a bed or couch. Other signs may include destroying furniture, pillows, or scratching walls and doors.


Common Triggers for Our Pets

As mentioned, there are several different triggers for our pets’ anxiety. Look at the list below to keep an eye on what may be causing them to be anxious:


Noise: Thunderstorms, lightning striking, fireworks — these are all loud and scary noises for our pets that make them fearful.


Separation Anxiety: When a pet is left alone, this may cause them to become very uneasy or destructive to their surroundings, and they may tear up furniture and scratch doors and walls.


Travel: Traveling for our pets doesn’t necessarily mean a plane ticket to an unknown place. Sometimes a simple car ride to their vet or groomer becomes an uncomfortable situation for them, which also explains why longer journeys may trigger this feeling of anxiousness as well.


Stranger Anxiety: Guests and workers in the home who are unknown to our pets will most likely trigger this anxious behavior. Parties and parades filled with strangers, specifically in this case on a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day, could increase the angst they may feel around people they don’t know well.


How can we, as pet parents, help our pets?

Fortunately, as pet parents, there are actionable things we can do to help our pets overcome and avoid these anxious moments:

  • Using tight clothing that applies pressure to our cats and dogs can comfort them, much like swaddling does for an infant.
  • Adding diffusers with calming essential oils or pheromones in our homes can make our pets’ space more soothing in these moments.
  • For some cases, there are even certain medications that our vets can recommend to treat our furry companions’ anxiety.

Do these things work?

With almost everything, there are always two sides. And, as much as the previous methods may work, they also present some cons for our pets. Medication often has side effects, while oils and pheromones are only useful if the pet stays in the room those have been placed in. The use of tight clothing is only temporarily good because, honestly, how long will we want to keep our frightened pets dressed in them?

However, there’s good news: Natural supplements are also an option!

Supplements that have natural ingredients can be used for the following:

  • relieving anxiety and stress
  • alleviating nausea
  • calming the mind
  • increasing serotonin production
  • promoting relaxation and ultimately sleep

Find the natural supplement that can keep your pets calm!

pawTree® has a natural supplement that focuses on alleviating all of these symptoms with zero side-effects. Our Chillax calming Chews contain a combination of naturally effective ingredients that work synergistically to soothe our pets.

  1. The ingredients in our Chillax Chews are: 

  2. Hemp Seed Oil & Hemp Seed Powder to reduce anxiety and discomfort
  3. Passion flower to relieve anxiety, stress and tension and promote relaxation
  4. Chamomile and Ginger to alleviate nausea
  5. L-Tryptophan to increase levels of serotonin in the brain and promote relaxation
  6. Valarian to reduce anxiety and promote sleep
  7. Thiamine and Magnesium for calming the mind
  8. Melatonin to promote relaxation and consequentially, sleep

We use a multimodal approach utilizing a variety of active ingredients that work synergically in order to tackle distinct symptoms of anxiety and unease and ensure maximum effectiveness of the Chillax supplement.

Chillax may be used for both dogs and cats, and the best part is it comes in a delicious soft-chew form that our pets really love! So, whether your beloved pet is suffering from event-related triggers or an overall anxious mood, this supplement is perfect to keep them stress-free.

Our Recommendation for The Upcoming Holiday

We recommend that pet parents give the recommended dose to their pets an hour or two before the event — the party, parade, guests coming over, or possible fireworks. It is very important that we give the Chillax before the event, since once a pet has become anxious and shows clear signs of anxiety, it is often too late. No matter how delicious these chews are, they will not be interested in eating anything due to their distressed state.

Another alternative is to provide your pets with something that will keep them occupied or distracted, such as a chew toy or bone. pawTree® can also help your pet with our Chillax to the Max bone, specially designed for them to chew on and keep busy. These chew bones are coated with CBD, which naturally helps our pets relax more as they chew and/or lick the bone.

If you have an anxious pet, make sure you prepare them for the holiday. We want to make these holidays and gatherings Strees-Free for them! This way we can ensure that both you and your pets will have a much better time.