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Vanessa Gheraldi Spotlight

December 14, 2020

By pawTree Home Office

Because of pawTree...

The pawTree vision includes making a difference in the lives of both pet’s AND their people. 

Here is one of many ways we are
making a difference in the lives of people! 

Vanessa Gheraldi
Staten Island, NY
Start Date: October 2020
Because of pawTree… I have learned that no goal is impossible to achieve.
Because of pawTree…  I am able to be home with my 2 furbabies and spend more time with my husband. 
Because of pawTree…  I have made true friends, no matter the distance, and I am extremely grateful for each of them. 
Because of pawTree…  I have been able to help so many other crazy fur-parents make their babies healthier. Each story I hear about how pawTree saved their pet makes my heart fill with more love for this amazing company. 
Because of pawTree… I am going to ALASKA for pawTrip 2021! I get to see the Northen Lights! 
Because of pawTree… I have been able to catch up on some bills, donate to some local rescues, and buy the one thing my husband wanted for Christmas!
Because of pawTree… I am able to start saving for the Farm of my dreams. Every day gets me a little closer. 
Because of pawTree… I am happier than I could ever explain. There really are no words. Thank you, pawTree!
Favorite quote:
Although she be but little; She is fierce. 
Favorite product experience:
The product that started my love for pawTree was Chillax CBD. I have a very anxiety-ridden rescue Cockapoo named Cotton. She suffers from PTSD and hates being alone, loud noises, her shadow. Anything sets her off. I spoke with her vet and the only option they gave me was sedatives and honestly, I didn't think that was the right thing for her. Yet, I knew if I didn't help her soon this poor baby would continue to suffer. A friend told me about pawTree and Chillax CBD and I said 'Lets try it!' The change in her the first day alone was amazing!
Favorite experience as a leader:
Every day I am simply amazed by my team, they push me to be a leader and working with each and every one of them is my honor
Favorite word of advice:
Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself!