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pawTree seasonings for the win!

June 06, 2020

By Other

I accidentally stumbled a across the pawTree products. Let me tell you first of all, I was like what the heck - why would I need “seasonings” for the dog food. That’s just hilarious. Then I realized, well duh - the pups probably would benefit from this is a lot of ways! And, perhaps I could get them eating better! Our dogs are both service dogs - one retiring soon, the other in training, and they need to eat good foods and eat their food when it’s out for them so they can perform their duties well!! Sometimes they would be disinterested in food, other times too tired to eat, but honest to goodness, from the second I pulled our pawTree stuff out of the package, they have eaten very well! I’m so impressed, even surprised, at how great the seasonings have been for their health in general! Pet food seasonings for the win!!!!
Kellie - Frederick from Ankeny