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Jo Wilkens Spotlight

January 17, 2020

By pawTree Home Office


Because of pawTree...

The pawTree vision includes making a difference in the lives of both pet’s AND their people. 

Here is one of many ways we are
making a difference in the lives of people! 

Jo Wilkens
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Start Date: March 2016
Because of pawTree… I am gradually learning more and more about myself and how to motivate myself to action. It's a slower process than I wish it was, but I'm getting there :-D. Consistency is my downfall and something I'm still struggling with. But I've definitely had great improvements!

Because of pawTree…I have been able to take on some of the financial burdens of our household and relieve the pressure on my husband. Namely, he hasn't had to pay for any of the pets food or supplements for almost a year. I'm able to order them to arrive when we need them and he doesn't even need to think about it. In addition to reinvesting some of what I make in to my growing my business further, I'm also able to cover most of my own day-to-day living and work expenses like gas, food, snacks, etc., as well as pick up the Costco and grocery bills sometimes. These won't sound like a lot to many people but to us, it's huge!!
Because of pawTree... I have devoloped some of the most fulfilling and amazing friendships locally and across the miles... people I am sure I never would have had the opportunity to meet, much less get to know and become close with, without pawTree. My upline and sideline sisters, my team members... other vendors that I have developed exceptionally close friendships with... and customers that I've gotten to know (it's extremely special to me when customers are willing to take a leap and allow me to be more than just a saleperson and actually a guide and a friend)... the home office staff members that make their hearts and their warmth available to us. It's such a lovely company, with an amazing effect on those in it, and a beautiful mission.
Because of pawTree... I got to walk on stage at pawFest and get recognized for my work and acheivements. It was a total shock and a completely amazing feeling that I hope to have again some day. As the company grows so will the competition, but I thrive on competition ;-) I have also, somehow, become someone people look to for guidance and leadership. It's a responsibility I don't take lightly and am still learning how to live up to.

Favorite experience as a petPro:
I was at an event this past summer and talking with a prospect who was going through some truly tough times. Exited a bad relationship, no home to call her own, and struggling with some wellness issues with her dog. She ended up ordering some things to try, one of them being a bottle of our Skin Support. I happened to have a brand new bottle in my car and sent my husband to retrieve it. I deleted it from her order and gave it to her as a gift. I also gave her a little plaque I had that sang the praises of the breed of dog she had. She started crying when I gave her the plaque and gave me a huge hug and thanked me over and over. She is still a customer and still thanks me every time we speak.

I had a similar experience at another event with a woman looking for a natural flea and tick remedy for her cats. I didn't have any new bottles on hand to sell her, but I poured out of my personal bottle into a sample bottle and gave it to her. She was overwhelmed with gratitude. She said she had only come to the event hoping to find something as her cat was really suffering and she needed something right away. She left very happy and her kitty experienced some immediate relief.

Those are the moments I treasure most of all. When me and/or the products can make such a profound difference to someone as to completely change their day, week, month... I live for that.

Favorite product experience: 
This is a tough one to nail down. I've had a ton of experiences and many great ones. I think my favorite product experience with my own pets is with the Gastro Pro Plus. Our GSD/Basset Hound mix, Maxi, has a sensitive stomach. Has most of her life. Every now and then she'll get where she demands to go outside and then she obsessively needs to eat grass... sometimes off and on for hours... and usually overnight keeping us from being able to sleep.

Before pawTree, this meant we needed to have Pepto Bismol on hand at all times and I had to find a way to force feed her multiple pills, or bunches of messy pink liquid... plus, what the heck is in that stuff anyway!?! ... AND if often didn't work at all, or didn't work for a couple hours!!

After pawTree, I either easily pill her 1 or 2 easy swallow capsules, or I just pop the powder from inside them on her toungue!! Within 30 minutes we're back in bed and hubby and I (as well as Maxi) get to sleep through the rest of the night!!!
Favorite experience as a leader: 
Easily watching the transformation in one of my team members after she experienced pawFest, our national, annual convention. The difference between before pawFest and after pawFest for her in her business was monumental! I love that I got to witness and be a part of that for her.
Favorite word of advice: 
Things like this change all the time. And I can't always remember them either... but right now it is something someone wrote in a decluttering group I belong to, but I think it applies to many, many areas of life.... "I struggle with all that...the 'that part's not for me, I'll skip it... I'll do this part but my own way.' All because I'm different, that's why I don't need to follow the path.

Well, I'm wrong. I'm not special or different or smarter. I know this because I go off script and then I don't get results, I get lost, I go nowhere and I get frustrated. I've always been this way and it doesn't work..." "...[I'm realizing I] need to stay on the path and once [I] get where [I'm] going then [I] can branch off using [my] knowledge and expertise. I'm not as smart as I thought because reinventing the wheel when I was at least with it enough to find the's just my own self-sabotage. I'm ready to follow the path, it's the easy way that's already been done."