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No more pain!

January 10, 2020

By Other


My 7 year old Cockapoo has always had bad hips and would cry every time you went to go pick him up. 2 months ago he did something to injure it more all we did was hear a loud yelp and he was limping terribly. We can’t afford to get X-rays and/or surgery if it was a torn ACL so I was desperate to try something natural. I was recently invited to a pawTree virtual party by my sister I law and purchased some seasonings. It never dawned on my that you guys had supplements to ease pain! When I reached out to my consultant Laura Clarke he immediately had an answer for me of what I could use to ease the pain and help him be more comfortable. He suggested joint support plus and aches away. He has been on these for about a week and a half and he is no longer limping as much and he is finally able to jump up on my bed which he has not been able to do for the past four months. I am so happy and seeing his tail wag when we get excited for him makes us even happier!
Ashley - Frick from Nazareth