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No More Expensive Trips to the Vet

January 10, 2020

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My puppy was not able to tolerate any kind of dog food that I bought at the store. Her digestive tract was very upset and therefore she was miserable and I was becoming very frustrated. After several trips to the vet which included expensive tests, he suggested I try pawTree. He had heard great things from other patients of his. I immediately got on line and ordered their food and Gastro Pro Plus. Penny has not had one issue with her digestive tract since I've been feeding her pawTree food, Gastro Pro Plus, pawPairings and several different kinds of treats. I now have a healthy, happy puppy and I haven't been back to the vet since she has been eating pawTree. I recommend pawTree to everyone I know that has dogs! I'll never feed Penny anything other than pawTree! I'll be a customer for life!
Cheryl - Barclay from cedar hills