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He is a happy, healthy dog and he LOVES his new lamb food!

September 20, 2016

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“My 6year old Labradoodle, Griffin, has been on pawTree food since July of 2014. However, three months ago he was switched to one of pawTree’s new recipes, the Lamb, Lentils, and Chick Pea Recipe to see if he would have a reaction to the new Lamb recipe that I am grateful is also poultry free. Griffin has been given chicken breast, turkey breast, beef, and salmon. He broke out after eating the turkey, the chicken, and the beef but not the salmon. We therefore assumed that lamb would not be a good choice either. So when pawTree came up with a new Lamb recipe we decided to try him on it to see if he would react to the lamb. We are so happy to report that Griffin hasn’t had any reactions and no longer is itching or biting his feet; no more hot spots so no more needing to use the Skin Support Plus. He is a happy, healthy dog and he LOVES his new food! So if there is anyone out there that is convinced that their dog was allergic to Lamb or Duck etc. because they had reacted to another meat, I hope you will reconsider trying your dog on the new Lamb recipe. And hopefully Griffin’s experience will give some of you the reassurance to rethink trying some of the new recipes. I honestly didn’t know what the outcome would be for Griffin eating Lamb but I am so glad that he was able to try this new recipe and that he is doing so well on it. Thanks, pawTree!!! Your product is amazing and of the highest and best quality available!”

Nancy - L from Everett, WA