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Her EARS are standing

January 21, 2020

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Jade is our 8 year old Doberman. Shortly after we got her, she developed skin issues and lost her fur. She was also what we referred to as "cock-eared," which is like cock-eyed, where only one of her ears stands up. She was diagnosed as having a low immune system. Eventually, most of her fur came back, except at the base of her legs, which stayed splotchy and with bumps. After a few weeks of using pawTree we noticed the second ear standing up on occasion. Then it quickly changed to staying up with the other one all the time!!! The only change we had made was her dog food. After 7 years with her having a floppy ear we know that pawTree was the cause. We became believers! Then we also noticed her fur on her legs filling in and no more bumps. She looks as she is supposed to now so I can imagine she must FEEL better, too. We are so happy to have given pawTree a shot because now it is the only thing we use for all 6 of our dogs.
Charissa - Campes from Pickens, SC