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Support for My Fur Babies Issues

November 18, 2019

By Other


PawTree came into our lives just in time!!!! Makia (Pitbull/Bull Terrier) is 13 years old and has been having anal gland problems for many years. And I’ve had to increase going to the vet clinic in the last year more and more that we’re going now every 2 weeks exactly, to express her glands. As of 6 days ago, I put her on Gastro Pro Plus, pawPairings and Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. I took her to the vet clinic today (2 weeks and 2 days over) to express her glands and the vet tech said that her glands weren’t as bad as they usually are. I am definitely going to continue using these items to help reduce this issue. Boss in the past was poisoned by some cruel people in New Mexico at my nieces house. They took him home from the vet to die with the family around him. They almost lost him completely that night but some how he survived after vomiting and pooping blood. My niece, her husband and family were re-stationed to Germany and could not take the dogs with them, so we became the proud owners of Boss (American Bull) and Athena (Rottweiler). Boss has a very sensitive stomach issue that we’re supporting with the WASO and pawPairings for him to Finally enjoy eating his food. There have been many morning feed times that he just simply would not eat. Now, he’ll run you over to get to his food bowl. Athena has a lot of shedding going on and she is also using the WASO and loves eating at both feedings everyday. And we also have Callie (Kallaohula Husky). She was dumped in our neighborhood left to fend for yourself in all of our trash cans every Wednesday. We began feeding her and we became the owners she picked out. She apparently loved human food a Lot. So, it’s been a real struggle feeding her dog food. Now that we have the flavored pawPairings and the WASO to add to her food, she’s finally eating her food. We will definitely continue to buy ALL of our dog supplies from pawTree for the rest of there lives. We are planning on adding the Pet Profile dog food for each one of them to continue providing them with the best system support that they deserve. If my fur babies are happy, that makes me and my family Very Happy too!!!!

Vanessa - Trichel from Sealy, TX