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Amber and Tom Sanders Spotlight

July 17, 2019

By pawTree Home Office


Because of pawTree...

The pawTree vision includes making a difference in the lives of both pet’s AND their people. 

Here is one of many ways we are
making a difference in the lives of people! 

Amber and Tom Sanders
Hometown: Highland, UT
Start Date: June 2014
Because of pawTree… I have been able to gain confidence and experience in business building, coaching and communication. I now feel that I can accomplish something if I am willing to commit, focus and work hard enough to achieve it. It breaks my heart when I meet people that don’t believe in themselves—because that used to be me!

Because of pawTree… I have been able to make lasting friendships across the nation. Coast to coast!
Because of pawTree... I have been able to realize a residual income that continues to increase!
Because of pawTree... I have been able to support others in earning extra income by reaching their personal business goals. 
Because of pawTree... I have been able to travel the world more! Cozumel & the Bahamas! I am taking my family on trips now!
Favorite quote: 
"The perfect place to begin is exactly where you are right now."  ~ Dieter F. Uchdorf 
Favorite experience as a petPro:
I now know "Lucky" a seizure-free dog; "Baby, that was "going to die any day"---she lived THREE YEARS longer; "Barbie" that no longer has a dry, cracked nose; & the list goes on! We are making an impact with our pawTree businesses!
Favorite experience as a leader: 
I have seen petPros replace their incomes, go on vacations and buy new cars--but the stories that I love more than that is how pawTree saved them with team 
Favorite word of advice: 
First, COMMIT to giving it your all for a year (or more). 
Second, be COACHABLE. 
Lastly, ENJOY creating your pawTree story to be told!