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GI Wish I Felt Better

July 17, 2019

By Brooke Sloate


GI Wish I Felt Better!

By Brooke Sloate


Have you ever experienced loose stools or diarrhea? How about killer flatulence…you know, passing gas! What about a tummy ache, or worse yet vomiting? If you’ve experienced some of these things, you can understand how uncomfortable it is. Unfortunately, our pets experience these same things. And when they have a loose stool, pass gas or have a gurgling tummy…they’re actually trying to tell you something! And what they’re trying to tell you is that they’re not feeling well, and that they’re having issues with their gastrointestinal (GI) system.


Good health for our pets begins in the gut! In fact, GI issues are one of the most common reasons pet parents take their pets to the vet. What if there was something you could do to save your pets from unnecessary discomfort or suffering, and save on those vet bills too?


How do you know when your pet is trying to tell you their gut needs a little help? Look for these indicators:

      Loose stool

      Passing gas

      Gurgling tummy



One other indicator is stool eating, known as Coprophagia. Yes, we may cringe at the idea of it, but it happens. Why? The simple reason is that the deposited stool hadn’t been fully digested and still has some “good stuff” left in it. Now, it’s important to note who’s eating the stool and who is depositing the stool being eaten – especially if you have more than one dog or cat. Actually, the pet that is depositing the stool that’s being eaten is the one with the issue, not necessarily the one that is eating the stool. Now, you should always treat both pets with probiotics to get their GI tracts healthy. When treated properly with a good probiotic, this habit will stop. Sorry for THAT visual!


What causes GI issues?

Basically, the bacteria in their gut is unbalanced, it’s as simple as that. 

      It can be genetic

      It can be a dietary issue

o   Or…combination of the two

      It can be environmental - something they’re getting into and eating outside

      If your pet takes antibiotics, they’ll likely have a loose stool, as antibiotics change the levels of the gut flora, allowing bad bacteria to grow


So let’s heal that gut with 4 simple solutions:

      Probiotics – beneficial microorganisms for GI health – known as the “good bacteria” 

      Prebiotics – the long-chain sugars which feed the “good bacteria” (probiotics) to assist in probiotic growth 

      Digestive Enzymes – help breakdown fats, proteins, starches and cellulose

      Amylase breaks down carbohydrates into basic starches  - like sugars and sucrose

      Lipase breaks down fats into fatty acids

      Cellulase breaks down cellulose

      Protease, Bromelain and Papain all break down protein


      Herbs – which soothe the gut

      Ginger – supports overall bowel health – it’s an antioxidant, and an anti-inflammatory

      Cinnamon – balances the sugar metabolism, and is an excellent antioxidant

      Licorice – is also an antioxidant and anti-spasmodic


At pawTree® we are committed to providing pet parents with a line of premium products to help pets thrive. Look for products from pawTree that include the recommended ingredients listed above, including our proprietary supplement, Gastro Pro Plus, developed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists. Gastro Pro Plus is a premium supplement that provides a natural solution to overall gut health for dogs and cats.


Brooke Sloate 

About Brooke…


Brooke Sloate, Director of Product Development at pawTree LLC, is passionate about solving problems for pets and creating products that truly make a difference to pet parents. 


With over 20 years of experience in the pet industry working for a variety of pet companies prior to pawTree®, including Nature's Variety®, Hill’s®, Mars®, Petmate®, Applica® and Sergeant's®, Brooke has developed a wide range of innovative pet products including pet food, treats, and pet accessories.


Brooke loves pets! She enjoys the unconditional love of her family of Shih Tzus and responds by spoiling them every chance she gets!






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