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With today’s wide variety of snacks, treats, and food to choose from, the path to healthy isn’t always obvious. Especially considering your pet’s particulars.

With Bernadine Cruz, pawTree Veterinary Council


Mediaplanet: Why is it important to feed a customized nutrition plan to your pet?

Bernadine Cruz: No two dogs’ nutritional needs are the same. I hear the question all the time: “What do I feed my dog?” Many times pet parents give up and pick a brand based on popularity. If you knew what your dog needed and had the time to cook, you’d customize a nutrition plan, starting with the right pet food.

“’It’s diet, genetics and luck that will make a difference in your pet’s health.’” 

And you’d probably also include a few supplements and treats that are appropriate for that unique pet’s diet. When customizing your dog’s nutrition plan, you’ll be asked questions like your dog’s age, weight, activity level, gender, known allergies and health concerns.

A multitude of unique factors need to be considered before determining a dog’s unique nutritional needs. If dogs could talk, a customized diet is what they’d want.

Every dog is unique. Why should they all eat the same thing? pawTree customized nutrition plans are based on your dog’s needs.


To read the full article in USA Today’s Modern Wellness Guide, click HERE.


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