National Puppy Day!

National Puppy Day!

Happy National Puppy Day!   Don’t you just love it when someone comes over to meet your dog for the first time and they’re shocked by how old he is? “He’s how old? He acts just like a puppy!” Here are some tips to keep your dog young, even up until his senior years. 1) […]

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10 Flexible Gigs to Bring in Extra Income

Be a Direct Seller! “Plenty of people make an enviable side (or full-time) income through direct sales for established companies, and these sales opportunities come with the resources and support of a large organization. But direct selling isn’t just about cosmetics and accessories. You can also work from home and set your own hours selling pet […]


Direct Sales Success Story from Trisha Deming, petPro

Angie with ‘The Best Direct Sales Companies’ interviewed Trisha Deming with pawTree on her success with direct sales. “In January of 2014,  I was wishing I had a more stable, reliable recurring income.  I had heard about pawTree, and was immediately interested in the opportunity to earn a residual income on consumable products.  It was […]

Happy Chocolate Week!

Happy Chocolate Week!

    Happy Chocolate Week! Nope, this week is not dedicated to all those adorable, big brown-eyed, chocolate labs out there! It is a full week dedicated to delicious, rich, creamy, sometimes caramely chocolate!! Which reminded us… chocolate is poisonous to doggies! (aawww…. bummer!!) So we wanted to put a list together of the top […]


11 Dream Jobs for Dog Lovers!

    “Love dogs like it’s your job? Well, make it one! 11 great careers for passionate and even entrepreneurial-minded dog lovers.” – Kerry Sutherland from ‘She Knows’ Click HERE to read the full story and get your dream job filled with doggie kisses!


Skin Support Plus

Skin Support Plus         We’ve all probably seen our dogs lick or scratch themselves…they’re dogs, that’s what they do!  If done once in a while, it’s not a problem.  However when this becomes a frequent activity, something may be bothering your dog, and he’s certainly uncomfortable.  If your dog seems to have […]

Preparing for storms

Creating a Calm & Safe Environment During a Storm

Creating a Calm & Safe Environment During a Storm   Did you know it’s “National Severe Weather Preparedness Week?” It’s the perfect time to talk about preparing your favorite four-legged, furry friend for the severe, spring weather that lies ahead. Thunderstorms, lightening, rain, and loud noises can get even the most calm human shaking in […]

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Wanna Host a Pawlooza?

    “Whether it’s selling Tupperware or jewelry, people love hosting product parties. It’s a great way to socialize and earn an extra money. Now direct social selling has gone to the dogs with the launch of a new start-up called pawTree. pawTree offers doggie parents unique customized and personalized dog food, plus a variety […]