PetGuide.com pawTree Review

PetGuide.com says, “pawTree is a cool concept that delivers customized nutrition and pet products to your door, and lets you make money by becoming a petPro!” See the full PetGuide.com article about pawTree here.    


Trisha Deming, Independent petPro, Promotes to Vice President!

Congratulations to Trisha Deming on becoming a Vice President! Your hard work and dedication have paid off quickly! Trisha, who joined pawTree only 8 months ago, was just promoted to Vice President!  She has fast tracked her success by consistently working her pawTree business.  If you’re on the fence about joining pawTree as a petPro […]

quirky eating habits pawtree

Does Your Dog Have Quirky Eating Habits?

Every dog has a unique personality and sometimes that uniqueness carries over into his / her eating habits.  However, there are a few things that may seem peculiar to you, but in fact are evolutionary instincts originating from a pack mentality.   How many have experienced this scenario…?   “After I put my dog’s food […]

pawtree Dog School

Back to School Blues And Separation Anxiety

Our pets share many human emotions with us, one being loneliness, particularly in the form of anxiety due to separation from the family.  With the hustle and bustle of getting back into a school routine with your kids, keep in mind that your pets can sense the energy (and stress!).  Your dog(s) may feel left […]


pawTree Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Well, our mothers were right when they said that it’s important to take your fish oils, because they are good for you from the inside out.  You hear Dr. Oz talk about it all the time.  But, why is fish oil so important for humans and our dogs? Well, fish oil has the polyunsaturated fatty […]

pawtree dog selfie

Taking a Dog Selfie

Let’s face it, our dogs are adorable and if they could take selfies themselves they would, right?  Right!  However, the inevitable fact remains that dogs don’t have opposable thumbs or the skills to upload a selfie to social media.  So, let’s give them a hand, or rather, a thumb! Here’s a few tips for capturing […]

Share the Love

How Do Dogs Share The Love

Dogs have been man’s best friend and our constant companions for thousands of years. The history of dogs is closely tied to our own history, and no other animal on Earth shares as close a relationship with humans as dogs do. Dogs and humans understand each other, and it’s because of the undying love they […]