10 Ways to Make National Puppy Day “PUP”-tastic!

Happy National Puppy Day!!      For most dog lovers, puppy day is EVERY day! Here are our top 10 PUP-tastic ways to celebrate ‘National Puppy Day!’ #10: Play Hide-N-Seek! Whether you hide yourself, or you hide a toy or a pawTreat, and have your dog try to find you, this game is so much fun […]

Poison Prevention Week: Keep Your Pets Safe!

  For the past 50-years, the third week in March has been dedicated to bringing awareness to potentially harmful materials and how to prevent illness in your pets from occurring. Here is a list of common household items that are harmful to your pet — it’s always a good idea to poison-proof your home and […]

Become a petPro & Make a Difference!

  Join pawTree as a petPro for just $1.00, now through the end of March! BE THE DIFFERENCE! Come join us in creating a world filled with unconditional love where pets and their people thrive! CLICK HERE TO ENROLL TODAY!!! (if you are a pawTree customer, please make sure to LOGIN before enrolling) Being a […]

Turn Your Love for Dogs into an Income with pawTree! {As seen in Dogster}

  Turn Your Love for Dogs into an Income with pawTree! Imagine…getting paid to have fun helping pets live happier, healthier lives.pawTree specializes in providing high quality, natural, holistic nutrition to pets through a network of independent petPros. Make an ongoing income “talking pet”, sharing samples and asking people to try pawTree products and SEE […]

Happy Birthday, Roger Morgan, CEO & Founder of pawTree!

  In honor of Roger Morgan’s birthday, we thought we’d ask the CEO & Founder of pawTree® a few questions about his PURR-sonal life! Every CEO is different, so what makes ours PAWsome?! Check it out for yourself!           Have comments or questions? Drop us a note below! Hope you have […]