Supplements 101!Get the 411! (3)

Supplements 101: Get the 411!

So, if you’re feeding a high quality natural food, why do you need to supplement?  Well, not all humans are alike, and not all dogs are either.  Some may have different needs.  That’s why our pet profile is so helpful, because each dog is unique, so you can tailor their nutrition and other supplements according […]


All American Pups!

All American Pups! This month, pawTree is highlighting super hero All American Pups!! Have a picture, or story to share? Leave us a comment below! Meet Willie the Service Dog! “Cody and Willie became best friends almost immediately and I can’t imagine Cody’s life without him.  Since they have been together, Cody’s happiness and moods […]

Super Dogs!!

American Superhero Dogs!

Be prepared; grab a tissue!! 25 Heroic Dogs and How They Saved  People People have always seemed to have a soft spot for heroic  dogs. Whether it’s TV classics like Lassie or heart-warming family films like  Homeward Bound, the idea of dogs rescuing their human masters (or even complete  strangers) captures our love and affection […]


Enjoying the Fourth of July with your Dog

  The Fourth of July, for many Americans, is a time to celebrate by hosting a family BBQ or attending a neighbor’s gathering.  In most communities you’ll find an Independence Day parade or evening festivities with a fireworks display. While your four-legged family is sure to enjoy a little extra attention during the Holiday, there […]


It’s an Oral Hygiene Miracle for Dogs!

pawTree Dental Sticks are a great choice when it comes to keeping my Chihuahua’s mouths fresh and pleasant!  These Dental Sticks are great for Rocky since he despises having his teeth brushed.  These help control plaque and tartar on his teeth while freshening his breath.  They are grain free with no corn, wheat, soy, fillers, […]

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To Treat or Not to Treat, that is the question!

  So who doesn’t like treats?  Let’s face it, we ALL do!  And there are so many treats to choose from…from salty snacks to sweet ones!  But WE know that all ‘treats’ are not created equal. Take for example an apple vs. a Twinkie – both are ‘treats,’ but are vastly different in nutritional value.  […]


I always forget she’s in her “senior years!”

  “My dog, Maggie, is a mix between a terrier, a billy goat, and a gazelle! She loves to jump, climb, and run. I give her Joint Support Plus to keep her joints healthy and ease any aches and pains she may have. I always forget she’s in her “senior years!” -Jason, Arlington, TX, June […]