Product Feature of the Month: pawTree Gastro Pro Plus

How many of you have ever had loose stools or diarrhea?  How about killer flatulence…you know, passing gas!  What about a tummy ache?  Well if you’ve experienced some of these things, you can understand how uncomfortable it is.  Unfortunately, our pets experience these same things too.  And when they have a loose stool, pass gas […]


Q&A with the pawTree Vet Advisory Council

Meet the pawTree Vet Advisory Council. We are fortunate to have an incredible group of professional advisors who bring a wealth of knowledge, training and formal education to the pawTree family. We have deliberately included not only advisors who are respected by their peers and experts in their chosen fields but also experts with diverse […]


Time to Play and Promote Joint Health

How many of you run with your dog?  How about walk your dog or play chase?  I bet most of you answered, “yes”, to at least one of these questions.  Exercise is vital to human health and dog health, but with time and rigor comes sore muscles and stiff joints. Joint issues are one of […]

2_17 shutterstock_104850617 4th of July

Enjoying the Fourth of July with Your Dog

The Fourth of July, for many Americans, is a time to celebrate by hosting a family BBQ or attending a neighbor’s gathering.  In most communities you’ll find an Independence Day parade or evening festivities with a fireworks display. While your four-legged family is sure to enjoy a little extra attention during the Holiday, there are […]

Keep your pup's ears clean

Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

The concept may seem new to you, but dogs do need a good ear cleaning just like humans do from time to time. Especially, during the summer months when dogs may be cooling down in the water more often! So, if you’re going to do it yourself, here are some things to remember: First, you’ll […]


Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer!

Aww, summer, what a wonderful time to be out and about with your dog!  The weather is warm, the water is cool, and there’s so much to do outdoors! So much, in fact, that some dog owners forget canines have different cooling systems than humans and respond to heat in different ways. So, if you’re […]

a dog and a mosquito

Repelling Pesky Mosquitoes

They’re here….those annoying, irritating, parasitic, flying insects called ~ Mosquitoes.  We swat at them, slap at them, and wave our hands in the air trying to send them away and avoid the annoying itch of a bite.  Our dogs seem to tolerate them, but they have no idea that these little pests carry a much […]

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Try It, You’ll Like It! Sweepstakes!

Every dog is unique…So why should they all eat the same thing? The answer? They shouldn’t! That’s why we’re going to help YOU transform your dog’s life and health with our custom dog food, specially tailored for your pup! As a pet parent, it can be overwhelming to decide what to feed your pets to […]