Dog Days of Summer! Stay cool!

August, often times, means the hottest month of the year!! Here are our top 5 videos of dogs staying nice and cool this summer!  #5 – Goldens playing in a lake is just golden & super cool! #4 – Sometimes playing with labs can get a bit dirty.  What an awesome way to stay cool?! (Their […]


Harley is experiencing the difference!

  A pawTree pup since April, Harley is experiencing the difference. Real turkey and sweet potato is her recipe, and she loves it with salmon oil. “We fell in love with her at first sight and want her with us as long as possible. Providing quality nutrition is part of that commitment.” Jasmine F. on […]

pawtree Dog School

Back to School Blues And Separation Anxiety

Our pets share many human emotions with us, one being loneliness, particularly in the form of anxiety due to separation from the family.  With the hustle and bustle of getting back into a school routine with your kids, keep in mind that your pets can sense the energy (and stress!).  Your dog(s) may feel left […]

pawTree pawTreats

He devoured the pawTreat right in front of us!

I am the proud “grandmother” of an adorable yorkie-poo. Jordan is a real cutie and he gives being spoiled a whole new meaning. One of his regular tricks is to take a treat, pretend to eat it and then hide it who knows where! I have found little Jordan treats hidden in places that I […]

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I like my food wet, how about you?

For the last 8 wks I have had an English Bulldog puppy with a cleft palate that I have been taking care of since he was 2 days old. There is no way around it, he has to be tube fed to live and grow big enough to have surgery to correct this issue. When […]