Even my cat loves it!

“At first I was nervous because it was so expensive. But my dog actually eats less with this food so its not as expensive as I first calculated. My dog has mild allergies and I noticed his eye boogers were gone. The biggest change actually effected my cat. My cat is highly allergic to chicken. […]


Just two weeks and he’s doing well!

“I brought Gatsby home as a pup–just eight weeks old. He was having digestive problems and we soon discovered he not only had worms, but was suffering from giardia. He often vomited in the morning and his stools were just too loose. He didn’t like the dog food he came with or the food the […]


We are thankful for pawTree!

“Our rescue baby, Beezy, LOVES her pawTree food and treats. After adopting her in May, we wanted to give her the best life has to offer because, let’s face it, all dogs deserve it! She is so excited each time we open her bag of pawTreats, and her breath is always fresh thanks to the […]

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Caring for your senior pup!

Caring for your senior pup! September is Senior Care Health Month! Here are pawTree’s top 4 ways to take great care of your senior dog!   Nutritious Diet Every dog is certainly not the same, especially into their senior years. With pawTree, we put together a customized nutrition plan specific for your dogs’ aging needs! […]


The Babe loves her pawTreats!

  “The Babe loves her pawTreats! She won them as a door prize and immediately fell in love at the first bite! The Babe is just overall more content when her treat can be a pawTreat. Sometimes she just likes to sit or sleep near them. When we run out and gave her other treats, […]


What a difference in just 3 weeks!

“YoYo has severe Allergies and we were never able to find the “perfect” food for him until a lady, we met at the dog park told me about pawTree and brought us a bag to try . Wow ! What a difference in only 3 weeks ! YoYo does not scratch himself, his coat is […]


I feel good as a pet parent!

“I quickly noticed the improvement in my pups coat since starting pawTree pet food products. In the past it was dry and bristly. Now my pup, Woody, has a beautiful shiny white coat. He gets so excited when I bring out a bag of pawTreats. I feel great as a pet parent knowing my pup […]