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Are You Persuadable Or Are You Purposeful?

August 23, 2019

By Tami VanHoy



Without focused prioritization, every good intentioned person can persuade us to say yes to their need or want before we realize we have just given away all of our time to another person’s goals and priorities, leaving no time for what is most important to us.

Every good cause or good idea has the power persuade us to say yes’s a good cause! 

Only later, often exhausted and suffering from burn out, we realize we said no to what was important to us because we were easily persuaded to say yes to other people’s priorities.



When we are not 100% sure what our priorities are, we can be easily persuaded into giving time to the priorities of others, taking away time to give to our priorities. It happens every day…

 People ask us to use our time to do something important to them

• People ask us to give our time to help them accomplish a priority goal for them

These are often good and valid things we are asked to do. We might even feel guilty saying no to the requests.

But what if someone asked us to give them time already committed to…
• A job
• A Dr. appointment (or other appointments)
• A committed date on the calendar

We never feel guilty saying no to requests of our time
that conflict with a firm commitment.

THAT is the key! We have to treat our personal priorities and business priorities like a commitment vs something we hope to do.
Eventually it all catches up with us…
 Our family starts to feel neglected
• We start to feel overwhelmed
• Our desired personal and business results seem harder and harder to achieve



When we are 100% sure what our priorities are we must then schedule time for them purposefully.

Do Something On Purpose Today...
• Identify 3 results you are determined to achieve in the next 2-4 weeks

• Schedule committed time to work towards these results

• Say yes on purpose to the things that will move you towards these results

• Say no to the things others want to persuade you to do for their purposes

About Tami

Tami VanHoy, Director of Field Development at pawTree LLC, is passionate about helping people sift through chaotic lives and cluttered minds to find the focus they desire & live every day on purpose with passion. Because... life is better when we live with our hearts on fire vs our hair on fire!  
Tami is loved by her husband, 4 children, and 5 grandchildren (so far!). When at home, you’ll often find her Shih Tzu, Muffin, snuggled up in her lap while she writes.