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Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Home-Based Side Gig

August 16, 2019

By Tami VanHoy


Questions To Ask Yourself

When Choosing A Home-Based Side Gig

In this present economy, if you have the will and desire to improve your situation, there is no limit to opportunities for you to choose from. 

Any successful side gig demands commitment, time and focus, but the rewards can be great. 
A very viable and popular side gig option is a home-based business. The choices are numerous, so how do you choose the one that is right for you? 
Too often people start with looking for the answer to this question...

“Which one pays the most?”

Here is the problem with that approach – No matter how ‘good’ the pay plan is, if you aren't passionate about your product, sales won't happen, and no sales means no income...just a lot of busy work. 

Here are some great questions to help you find the home-based side gig that is best for you.

What are you passionate about? 
  • Do you love to cook? 
  • Are you a health enthusiast? 
  • Do you love pets? 
  • Are you an organization junkie? 
  • etc.
What products have you found that you love so much you already share them with people you know?
At the end of the day, whatever side gig you go with, if you aren’t over-the-top excited about the service or how the product solves a need, you will struggle sharing it with others. And no matter what percentage of sales the plan promises to pay, if you sell nothing, you earn nothing.

Sales are simply the result of
how much you talk to people
about what you have to offer. 


  • If you are passionate about your solutions, you won’t have trouble finding your passionate voice; a voice people will relate to and trust.  
  • If you are just selling stuff to make money, your voice will simply be a regurgitated script that people will see as just that…a sales pitch. And no one trusts a sales pitch. 
Do Something On Purpose Today...
If you are considering a home-based business to fill a need in your life, take time today to answer a few questions and do a little research.

A little time spent here today can deliver a lifetime of passion-driven income.

  • What are your passionate about?

    • Product line aside…what do you love to talk about?
  • What kind of product or service aligns with your passion? 
  • Before you jump in to represent the company, buy some product and be sure and look for companies with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can safely return the product if you find it doesn’t meet your expectations. 
  • When you find the right fit, jump in. Procrastination is the killer of inspiration! There is nothing wrong with being thoughtful, but there comes a time when we must take that first step and give it a try!

About Tami

Tami VanHoy, Director of Field Development at pawTree LLC, is passionate about helping people sift through chaotic lives and cluttered minds to find the focus they desire & live every day on purpose with passion. Because... life is better when we live with our hearts on fire vs our hair on fire!  
Tami is loved by her husband, 4 children, and 5 grandchildren (so far!). When at home, you’ll often find her Shih Tzu, Muffin, snuggled up in her lap while she writes.