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January 21, 2020

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Our girls have always been picky eaters unless I add something to their food or hand feed. They also have loose stools quite a bit so when we found out about pawTree Seasonings, we thought we’d give it a try. We also thought the Gastro Pro Plus might be a good idea to try as well, especially if we were changing their diet. PawTree was a bit pricier but we decided to give it a try. Results are in: their stools are consistently like tootsie rolls with relatively no odor; they gobbled their kibble up with the pawTree seasonings until after a week, I noticed they weren’t finishing their meals. At first, I thought maybe they were getting bored with their food again but I weighed them...and they were right at their original weight or had gained a bit. So...they are eating a good bit less which makes pawTree as affordable as the brand they had been eating. So far, pawTree is a win-win! Thanks for making meal time fun again!

Paula - Farmer from Crescent City