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Pinewood Kennels

September 21, 2020

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My old boy, Chad, is approximately 13 years old. He has been having increasing joint stiffness, and has a hard time getting in and out of his bed. We've made several accommodations for him throughout the house, including moving his elevated bed onto the ground. A few weeks ago we were ready to make the dreaded appointment to have him put down. We decided to try a few more things, first. Chad has been taking Joint Support Plus CBD for a week, and I have seen such an improvement already! He is able to get up out of bed without losing his balance and falling down, AND he sleeps soundly through the night. I have been recommending this product to everyone I know with senior dogs. I cannot wait to try out more products on Chad! I will cherish every space moment I have with him!
Lisa - Hill from Breckenridge