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Snickerdoodles to the rescue!

September 21, 2020

By Other

Joey & Charlie sure know how to stick together when it comes to their treats. Treat time means they want a real treat, and won't let up until they get it. They are both overweight, and it's so hard not to give in. They love cheese and I have been trying to wean them off of it for so long. Well, SNICKERDOODLES have won my war for me! As soon as I emptied the mix in a bowl, they rounded the corner. Actually, they smelled pretty good, they weren't even cooking yet! I just started on PawTree so I can't wait to go thru some more exciting flavors. There's nothing like seeing your babies so happy and content, my heart just smiles back at them. Thanks pawTree for getting us on the right track!
Lynn - Kaciuba from Cuyahoga Falls