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This is Keegan

February 10, 2020

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This is Keegan.  He is almost 14.  On Saturday he couldn’t get out of his bed.  When I helped him up his back end kept going out and he would fall to the floor.  I thought this was it.  Time to make that dreaded trip to the vet.  Because he had a healthy appetite and was still able to potty by himself it just didn’t feel right.


Then I remembered we hadn’t been giving him his Joint Support supplement.  Why?  Because he seemed fine without it and I was trying to use them sparingly to save $$.  


I immediately gave him his joint supplement and 2 plain aspirin for his pain.  He spent the day in bed and I watched him, hoped and prayed that this would work.  That night we gave him another dose of joint support only.  He was able to get up with help to go outside and was able to walk once up without falling.


On Sunday he spent the day in his bed again but he wasn’t shaking or seemed to be in pain.  That afternoon it started snowing and he went outside to play with the other dogs!  We started to be hopeful......


Today he got up on his own and jogged outside to potty.  When he came in he hopped up on the windowsill, which is his favorite spot.


I felt so bad that my trying to save a $ had caused him pain.  I’m so glad that I knew about this supplement, because if I hadn’t we probably would have put him down before his time.


Needless to say, I placed my order for Joint Support Plus this morning and, even though I don’t like auto orders, I put it on a scheduled delivery so I don’t screw this up again.


I’m so very grateful for this product ❤️❤️. If you have a dog who has mobility issues you should try this.  It could literally save your dog’s life. -Kim Miller